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Corporate manicure and corporate massage for employee award day and health

Award your Brisbane employees and show them your appreciation by offering the gift of a corporate mobile manicure. With our corporate mobile manicures, your Brisbane employees will be able to enjoy a wonderfully relaxing manicure and de-stress during the process.  Our corporate mobile manicures demonstrate your appreciation as an employer and are popular rewards as part of a employee reward program,  a Brisbane corporate event, employee gift or a xmas party idea.

Brisbane Mobile ManicureWhat to Expect:

A corporate manicure can be adapted to various time durations depending on the time available. Hence, a corporate manicure can include a relaxing massage of the hands,  massage of the arms, cuticle work, cutting and shaping of the nails and the application of a beautiful nail polish. Your employees nails will then have a wonderfully groomed appearance and they will feel truly pampered.


A corporate manicure reflects sophistication and adds to an employees self confidence making them a perfect gift or reward. Receiving a Hens’ Heaven mobile manicure is surprisingly relaxing and instigates a positive feeling of self esteem.

Equipment Required:

Our corporate manicures are easily performed at a regular table with two chairs located on both sides of the table. The manicure and massage therapist places a cover over the table to keep the corporate area clean. Access to warm water may be required for soaking the nails. Hens’ Heaven is fully mobile across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipwich and provides all the pampering products, equipment and a beautiful range of nail polish colours for your employees to choose from.

Room Required:

Any corporate space which has chairs and a table, is suited for a hens heaven corporate manicure or massage. We can even provide mobile tables, mobile chairs and relaxing music.

Recommended Treatment Lengths:

Hens’ Heaven’s corporate manicures can be customised to include some or all of the individual components of a  deluxe mobile manicure.

Our 10 minute corporate mini manicure includes filing and shaping and an arm massage.

Our 15 minutes corporate express manicure includes buffing, filing and nail polish application.

And our 30 minute corporate deluxe manicure includes hand soak, cuticle pushing,  a relaxing massage of the hands and arms, trim, buff, file and professional nail polish application.

Manicure Party BrisbaneOur Corporate Manicure Prices

Mini 10 minute corporate manicures = $20 per person

Express 15 minute corporate manicures = $30 per person

Deluxe 30 minute corporate manicures = $60 per person

* We require a minimum booking of 2 hours for our beauty and massage therapists due to the equipment and time involved with their travel.

Event Suitability:

Hens Heaven corporate manicure and corporate massage service is available all across Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast and Ipswich regions. Our mobile corporate manicures and massages are suited to a wide range of corporate parties, awards and ideas. They can form part of an office employee award, rewards program, employee xmas party or corporate gift. The 10 -15 minute manicures are a very popular treatment for corporate events, product launches, business seminars and PR events and the mini manicure is a great treatment to accompany the promotion of female oriented goods and services. Our deluxe 30 minute corporate manicures are most popular when showing your employees appreciation for their hard work, which is why they are the most popular choice for an employee award day, reward program, a Brisbane xmas party or corporate gift idea.

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