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Hens Night Party Games – Advice for the Bride

Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Mooloolaba

With this hens party game, you ask each guest to write down on a piece of paper a sentence or two of marital advice for the bride to be.

Party Guests could write advice and ideas like “never go to bed at night angry” or “get a king size duvet for a queen size bed so there is no fighting over the duvet at night”.

Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Mooloolaba

After all the guests are done writing, ask them to fold the pieces of paper up and place them in a bag or bowl.

Now ask the bride to be to read each one out a loud. These hens night games ideas are really entertaining. The bride to be will love reading all the different tips, games and ideas!

The bride could also pick her favourite ideas and whoever wrote them could win a games prize!

Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mooloolaba

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Sunshine Coast, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Mooloolaba

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