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Nice hens night games – How well do you know the Bride?

Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast – Sunshine Coast Hinterland

This is a great hens night party game where you ask the party girls questions about the bride to be. It can be a wonderful way to reminisce and have a laugh with all the girls. Select a range of questions that all the hens party guests will have a shot at answering, that way the girls who have known the bride to be for longer won’t dominate the game. When the first answer is announced, let the bride to be confirm whether it is correct or incorrect. Record how many correct answers each party girl gets correct and whoever has the most correct answers wins the game. Here are some questions that Hens Heaven suggests:

Brisbane – Gold Coast – Surfers Paradise – Sunshine Coast

Hens Night Games for the Hens PartyNice Hens Night Game Questions

What is her favourite band?

Who was her first crush?

When was her first kiss?

What is her favourite movie?

How did the she meet the groom?

Where was she born?

What is her favourite song?

What is her favourite drink?

What is her favourite food?

What is her favourite book?

If the bride to be was to be stranded on a dessert island, which celebrity would she bring?

How many children does the she want?

Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast – Gold Coast Hinterland

Naughty Hens Night Game Questions

What was her craziest night?

What is her favourite position?

What is her most embarrassing moment?

Brisbane – Gold Coast – Sunshine Coast – Surfers Paradise – Sunshine Coast Regions

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