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Pin the Doodle on the Man! – Hens Night Party Game

Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast

Meet the kinky version of the childhood game pin the tail on the donkey, where you instead pin the doodle on the man!

hens night party games BrisbanePin the doodle is one of the most popular games for a hens night party. A picture of a sexy man with his doodle missing (a red target circle replaces his missing tackle in the picture) is blue tacked to a wall within easy reach of all hens.

We are available in Gold Coast, Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

One at a time, each guest is blindfolded with a scarf and handed a cardboard “doodle” with a sticky bit on the back. The blindfolded guest is then slowly turned around by another guest until they become disoriented. A great idea is to hire some topless waiters for your party night. The topless waiters can help you with this game on the night by blind folding each guest. This gets all your hens giggling and having even more fun.

Once the player is standing in front of the picture they feel around the picture and attempt to pin the doodle on the man. The guest  who pins the doodle closest to the target on the picture wins.

We are available in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast

These games can also be turned into drinking games. The person with the worse doodle pin is awarded one shot of alcohol, the type of alcohol can be decided by the bride to be!

If you’re interested in adding topless waiters to your hens party night to help you with your drinks, food and party games feel free to contact us today for a quote.

Our Topless Waiters are available in Sunshine Coast, Brisbane and Gold Coast regions.

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